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Our Journey through 1905 - 1929:

  • 1905 -San Francisco, California: A Holt steam traction engine works on the construction of a section of San Francisco''s cable car system. San Francisco''s famed cable car system got its start in 1873. Over the next several decades, modifications were made to the system and new lines were added. Photos taken in 1905 show Holt Steam Traction Engine #37 being used to help lay new cable. This is the first documented instance of our machines in use on a public works construction project.
  • 1906 - San Francisco, California: A Holt steam traction engine is used during recovery efforts after the San Francisco Earthquake. The San Francisco earthquake ranks as one of the most significant earthquakes of all time. Photos taken following the quake and subsequent fire show Holt Steam Traction Engine #37 helping with the cleanup. This is the first known instance of our machines in use to aid in disaster recovery.
  • 1936 - Quetta, India: Caterpillar machines clean up debris after a devastating earthquake strikes Quetta, India. For a year after the quake in Quetta, India, people gathered debris by hand and used mules to haul it away. After the government brought in Caterpillar machines, work progressed quite rapidly, and new buildings were soon under construction.
  • 2005 - India: A fleet of 220 Caterpillar machines and gen sets works on the 3,625 miles of a four-to-six lane highway known as the Golden Quadrilateral.
  • 2006 - U.S.: Caterpillar machines play a major part in the construction of the 300-mile-long Entrega Pipeline. The Entrega Pipeline was the first stage of the Rockies Express Pipeline. Stretching from Wyoming to Ohio, the 1,663 - mile Rockies Express Pipeline will connect rocky mountain natural gas reserves to consumers on the East Coast. Caterpillar''s involvement goes beyond construction equipment. solar gas turbines, gas caterpillar motoren (GCM) compression engines (Entrega is the first new mainline pipeline to use GCM engines), Cat financial services and 6 sigma enhanced strategic support planning were key elements of the project. The completed pipeline will utilize solar insight system machinery management solution enabling real-time monitoring and predictive maintenance to maximize performance and minimize costs.
  • 2006 - South Korea: Thirty-four Caterpillar machines help complete the Saemangeum Seawall - the world''s longest earthen seawall.
  • 2007 - Russia: Cat machines help construct the 1,100-kilometer Yamal-Ukhta pipeline. Russia''s Yamal-Ukhta pipeline is part of a planned 2,500-kilometer gas transportation system built in one of the world''s most extreme climates.
  • 2007-2014 - Panama: Cat machines help construct the expansion of the Panama Canal. Contractors used 75 Cat machines on just the first two phases of the six-phase project. When complete, the new single-lane, three-step lock system will allow the Panama Canal to accommodate vessels that are not currently transiting the waterway due to their large size.
  • 2008-2011 - Saudi Arabia: Over 400 new Caterpillar machines help construct a 2,400-kilometer rail line through the Nafud Desert in Saudi Arabia.

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